Oceanside Juvenile Drug Possession Lawyers

Upon your child being charged with a drug related crime, you are stricken with grief, fear, and the idea that your child may now be captive to the ever tightening grip of the criminal justice system. The juvenile court system operates differently than the regular court system, and any time a child is charged with a drug possession violation, there are some serious consequences to be faced. However due to these differences, there is a wide range of differences in how the charge against your child may proceed as opposed to if it were a regular adult offender, and understanding each of the possible courses of action is necessary in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your child.

It is important to understand that in handling a juvenile crime charge, only a local criminal defense attorney is qualified to give you advice about your case. Juvenile drug possession charges often hinge upon certain particularities regarding each situation, and having the support of an experienced professional who knows how to investigate these specific factors particular to your case will greatly increase the chances of the best possible outcome for your child.

Handling Juvenile Drug Penalties

The Oceanside Juvenile Delinquency Lawyers at the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser are committed to helping young people overcome drug charges and supporting their families through the difficult process. Attorney Yvonne Fraser is familiar with the juvenile justice proceedings in California after years of experience in the area, and she offers a vital resource in navigating the complicated and important legal process of getting your child through to the other side, all while giving the child a chance to re-evaluate the choices that got them to this spot and look forward to a more promising future. Common penalties associated with a juvenile drug charge that the Oceanside lawyers can help walk you through include:

  • Drug counseling
  • Probation
  • Diversion (usually available for first-time offenders only)
  • Detention

All of these possible outcomes are dependent on your child specific case, and your child should not be subject to receiving a harsher punishment than is deserved simply because you were unaware of the best way to navigate their situation. The process can be made smoother and far less overbearing when you have the proper guidance and support.

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The Oceanside Juvenile Drug Possession Lawyers have the ability to nail down the facts and loopholes of each case, coupled with experience with the juvenile justice system and personal relations with juvenile prosecutors and judges. Assets such as these go far in determining a brighter resolution to your child’s case proceedings and full retention of their rights every step of the way. To give your child the necessary protection they need to get through this difficult time and ensure their successful future, call (760)-512-1172 today.

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