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What to To Know: Possession of Heroin Charge

Drug addiction is an epidemic. Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to substance abuse, sometimes through no fault of their own. Drug addiction can have a ton of ramifications on our lives, whether those ramifications are hits to our reputations, medical bills, or financial struggles.

Of course, one of the biggest ramifications drug addiction can have on our lives is through the criminal justice system. Many who are addicted to drugs can find themselves wrapped up in the criminal system and facing a wide range of charges. If you get involved in the criminal justice system for any reason, it is important to understand not only the charges brought against you, but the process as well.

This blog post serves as a quick bit of information for those who are facing a possession of heroin charge. It is important to remember that this blog post in no way serves as legal advice, but I hope that it will help you understand the process you are about to enter.


The criminal justice process varies from state to state. This blog post will discuss the possession of heroin in the most general sense possible, but it is vital that you look up the rules and potential penalties in the area in which you are being charged.

Penalties for Heroin Possession

Those facing a charge for heroin possession face extremely stiff penalties, such as fines and jail time. These penalties can set one’s life off course, and lead to issues finding employment or housing in the future.

Take for instance the penalties for heroin possession in the state of Massachusetts. First-time offenders may be met with a fine of up to 2,000 dollars as well as up to two whole years in prison.

For those who have a history of possessing heroin or other drugs, those penalties may be increased to a fine of 5,000 dollars and two and a half or five years in prison.

However, in many states, the charge and the penalties depend on the amount of heroin that you were found to have in your possession. If you possess over a certain amount of heroin in grams, the charges may be increased from possession to outright trafficking. A trafficking charge can lead to stiffer penalties.

What to Do

Even if you are facing a possession of heroin charge and some pretty stiff penalties, you still have options. Following your arrest, you should attempt to reach out to a defense attorney law firm like Powderly Law Firm as soon as possible. As I already touched on, the effects of possession of heroin charge on your record can have devastating effects for the rest of your life.

With a criminal record, you may find it hard to find housing and employment or even get a loan. Never attempt to represent yourself, even though it may seem tempting to save money. A qualified, experienced defense attorney will help you beat the charges and get back on track to living a life free of addiction.

Oceanside Juvenile Drug Possession Lawyers

Upon your child being charged with a drug related crime, you are stricken with grief, fear, and the idea that your child may now be captive to the ever tightening grip of the criminal justice system. The juvenile court system operates differently than the regular court system, and any time a child is charged with a drug possession violation, there are some serious consequences to be faced. However due to these differences, there is a wide range of differences in how the charge against your child may proceed as opposed to if it were a regular adult offender, and understanding each of the possible courses of action is necessary in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your child.

It is important to understand that in handling a juvenile crime charge, only a local criminal defense attorney is qualified to give you advice about your case. Juvenile drug possession charges often hinge upon certain particularities regarding each situation, and having the support of an experienced professional who knows how to investigate these specific factors particular to your case will greatly increase the chances of the best possible outcome for your child.

Handling Juvenile Drug Penalties

The Oceanside Juvenile Delinquency Lawyers at the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser are committed to helping young people overcome drug charges and supporting their families through the difficult process. Attorney Yvonne Fraser is familiar with the juvenile justice proceedings in California after years of experience in the area, and she offers a vital resource in navigating the complicated and important legal process of getting your child through to the other side, all while giving the child a chance to re-evaluate the choices that got them to this spot and look forward to a more promising future. Common penalties associated with a juvenile drug charge that the Oceanside lawyers can help walk you through include:

  • Drug counseling
  • Probation
  • Diversion (usually available for first-time offenders only)
  • Detention

All of these possible outcomes are dependent on your child specific case, and your child should not be subject to receiving a harsher punishment than is deserved simply because you were unaware of the best way to navigate their situation. The process can be made smoother and far less overbearing when you have the proper guidance and support.

Contact an Oceanside Juvenile Drug Possession Lawyer Today

The Oceanside Juvenile Drug Possession Lawyers have the ability to nail down the facts and loopholes of each case, coupled with experience with the juvenile justice system and personal relations with juvenile prosecutors and judges. Assets such as these go far in determining a brighter resolution to your child’s case proceedings and full retention of their rights every step of the way. To give your child the necessary protection they need to get through this difficult time and ensure their successful future, call (760)-512-1172 today.

Possession of Oxycotin: When is it a Drug Crime?

When you think of drug crimes, the first things that come to mind are cocaine, heroin, even marijuana. However, even possession of legal drugs such as Oxycotin can become a drug crime under certain circumstances.

Oxycotin is a brand name for a product containing 80 mg of oxycodone, a widely-prescribed pain killer derived from poppy plants very similar in properties to heroin, and just as addictive. If fact, drugs containing oxycodone are classified as a Substance II Controlled Substance the same as heroin and cocaine. There are many variations of oxycodone in the market in various formulations. Percodan, for example, is oxycodone mixed with aspirin while Percocet is oxycodone and paracetamol.

Unlike cocaine and heroin, however, possession of Oxycotin or any oxycodone-based product is not automatically a crime if it comes with a valid prescription. Patients who have been prescribed with oxycodone medication are required to carry a valid and active prescription for the drugs which in turn should be kept in its original bottle labeled with the name of the possessor. These are all important documents in determining the legality of their possession of Oxycotin.

These measures have not prevented people from abusing or trafficking the drug, however. In Massachusetts, there has been an alarming rise in crimes i.e. robbery by addicts for the purpose of obtaining the means to illegally obtain Oxycotin or other oxycodone products. This is true even in the high-end resort town of Cape Cod, so naturally drug dealers hasten to provide the supply. This has prompted law enforcement to employ stringent tactics to catch any instance of prescription drug abuse or illegal trade, which any Cape Cod drugs crime lawyer can strategize to combat.

If you are arrested for possession of Oxycotin, the penalties if convicted are just as heavy as possession of heroin or cocaine. It is important that you admit to nothing when questioned but to ask for a lawyer to straighten the whole thing out before you get into real trouble.