What to To Know: Possession of Heroin Charge

Drug addiction is an epidemic. Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to substance abuse, sometimes through no fault of their own. Drug addiction can have a ton of ramifications on our lives, whether those ramifications are hits to our reputations, medical bills, or financial struggles.

Of course, one of the biggest ramifications drug addiction can have on our lives is through the criminal justice system. Many who are addicted to drugs can find themselves wrapped up in the criminal system and facing a wide range of charges. If you get involved in the criminal justice system for any reason, it is important to understand not only the charges brought against you, but the process as well.

This blog post serves as a quick bit of information for those who are facing a possession of heroin charge. It is important to remember that this blog post in no way serves as legal advice, but I hope that it will help you understand the process you are about to enter.


The criminal justice process varies from state to state. This blog post will discuss the possession of heroin in the most general sense possible, but it is vital that you look up the rules and potential penalties in the area in which you are being charged.

Penalties for Heroin Possession

Those facing a charge for heroin possession face extremely stiff penalties, such as fines and jail time. These penalties can set one’s life off course, and lead to issues finding employment or housing in the future.

Take for instance the penalties for heroin possession in the state of Massachusetts. First-time offenders may be met with a fine of up to 2,000 dollars as well as up to two whole years in prison.

For those who have a history of possessing heroin or other drugs, those penalties may be increased to a fine of 5,000 dollars and two and a half or five years in prison.

However, in many states, the charge and the penalties depend on the amount of heroin that you were found to have in your possession. If you possess over a certain amount of heroin in grams, the charges may be increased from possession to outright trafficking. A trafficking charge can lead to stiffer penalties.

What to Do

Even if you are facing a possession of heroin charge and some pretty stiff penalties, you still have options. Following your arrest, you should attempt to reach out to a defense attorney law firm like Powderly Law Firm as soon as possible. As I already touched on, the effects of possession of heroin charge on your record can have devastating effects for the rest of your life.

With a criminal record, you may find it hard to find housing and employment or even get a loan. Never attempt to represent yourself, even though it may seem tempting to save money. A qualified, experienced defense attorney will help you beat the charges and get back on track to living a life free of addiction.