The Issue Same-Sex Divorce in Texas

The issue of same-sex marriages continues to be a prickly subject in Texas, with advocates hotly contesting the state’s right to bar two people of the same sex to become legally joined when other states have already confirmed that to ban same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. And now this has become even more of a conundrum with some same-sex married couples insisting on a Texas divorce.

In the Lone Star state, same-sex couples who legalized their marriage in other states but reside in Texas are not allowed to obtain a Texas divorce because in the first place, Texas does not recognize the validity of the marriage. It is mostly a case of the chicken and the egg; how can the state grant a divorce decree to a couple who was not married in the eyes of the state in the first place? The only way that a same-sex couple can get “divorced” is by having the marriage declared void. While this means that they are free to marry again, a voided marriage does not carry the same benefits and privileges of divorce under Texas law, which includes but not limited to property division and Social Security benefits.

There are signs that same-sex marriage may soon be allowed in Texas, and this is good news for Texans hoping to tie the knot in their home state. However, until such time that it is formally declared legal in Texas, married same-sex couples in Lewisville or other counties will just have to put up with relevant laws as they stand. In any case, an experienced Lewisville divorce lawyer will have the necessary knowledge to make the best of a bad situation.

If you are considering divorce in Texas, it is important that you have the advice of a competent divorce lawyer conversant with Texas laws. Even if you anticipate no problems with the dissolution process, it is still advisable that you have all your “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed to avoid legal problems later on.

Top Causes of Car Accidents

When a vehicular accident occurs, one of the first things law enforcement will do is to determine if the driver or drivers were driving while intoxicated (DWI) with alcohol or other intoxicants. This has a significant impact on whether a criminal case will be filed because DUI is automatically criminal offense. Any driver suspected of DWI in an accident, especially in states like Texas where sanctions imposed on impaired drivers are heavier than in other states, it would be wise to consult a Dallas DWI lawyer at once.

However, DWI is not the leading cause of car accidents in the US. Speeding is identified as a more frequent cause of car accidents, and ironically, it is not considered a crime to go above the legal speed limit even if it has proven to be statistically much more dangerous. In Oklahoma, you get a ticket and a fine, perhaps license suspension, and rarely, jail time up to 90 days depending on the circumstances. But it isn’t a crime per se, unless it results in serious injuries or death to a third party, in which case it becomes a homicide. Victims of a speeding accident may also have recourse to civil litigation with the assistance of an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer.

Occurring even more frequently as a cause of car accidents is distracted driving, which is not even a traffic citation in most states including Oklahoma, although it does ban drivers on a learners’ or intermediate license from using handheld devices or texting while driving. This is particularly sobering considering that the aftermath of car accidents are often life-changing, as pointed out on the website of Abel Law Firm.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident because of the negligence of the driver, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. Consult with a personal injury lawyer in your state for more information about how the negligent party can be compelled to make you whole again.

Possession of Oxycotin: When is it a Drug Crime?

When you think of drug crimes, the first things that come to mind are cocaine, heroin, even marijuana. However, even possession of legal drugs such as Oxycotin can become a drug crime under certain circumstances.

Oxycotin is a brand name for a product containing 80 mg of oxycodone, a widely-prescribed pain killer derived from poppy plants very similar in properties to heroin, and just as addictive. If fact, drugs containing oxycodone are classified as a Substance II Controlled Substance the same as heroin and cocaine. There are many variations of oxycodone in the market in various formulations. Percodan, for example, is oxycodone mixed with aspirin while Percocet is oxycodone and paracetamol.

Unlike cocaine and heroin, however, possession of Oxycotin or any oxycodone-based product is not automatically a crime if it comes with a valid prescription. Patients who have been prescribed with oxycodone medication are required to carry a valid and active prescription for the drugs which in turn should be kept in its original bottle labeled with the name of the possessor. These are all important documents in determining the legality of their possession of Oxycotin.

These measures have not prevented people from abusing or trafficking the drug, however. In Massachusetts, there has been an alarming rise in crimes i.e. robbery by addicts for the purpose of obtaining the means to illegally obtain Oxycotin or other oxycodone products. This is true even in the high-end resort town of Cape Cod, so naturally drug dealers hasten to provide the supply. This has prompted law enforcement to employ stringent tactics to catch any instance of prescription drug abuse or illegal trade, which any Cape Cod drugs crime lawyer can strategize to combat.

If you are arrested for possession of Oxycotin, the penalties if convicted are just as heavy as possession of heroin or cocaine. It is important that you admit to nothing when questioned but to ask for a lawyer to straighten the whole thing out before you get into real trouble.

Keep that Smartphone Smart!

Around most of the world, smartphones have become ubiquitous. From high-powered businesspeople to everyday teenagers, just about everyone has a smartphone and is checking it multiple times per hour. With so much information at your fingertips, so many incredible applications, and the ability to take photos and video, smartphones have revolutionized human society into something of a collective. Everyone knows everything that happens in real time. The information age has arrived.

However, sometimes phones can appear to be rather disobedient. If the hard drive gets filled up or the device is dropped the wrong way, the can become sluggish and unresponsive. Additionally, sometimes software updates aren’t exactly compatible with aging hardware, so older phones seem to become increasingly dysfunctional with time.

Being aware of these issues can help you be patient when your phone is behaving erratically and empower you to get to the root of the problem. Try deleting some older files you don’t need, uninstalling apps, and rebooting the device. This can help keep you phone operating at some capacity, even if it’s not exactly as fast as it was out of the box.

BP Claim Appeals and Baseball

What does baseball have to do with BP claim appeals? Is it three strikes you’re out when it comes to BP claims? Actually, you only have two strikes under the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center Economic & Property Damage Claims settlement agreement drawn up by British Petroleum (BP) to recompense those who have been affected by the April 2010 explosion of its Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The first one is when you make a claim, and the second one is when you are given a notice of appeal.

Under the agreement, affected parties can make a claim against the settlement fund put up by BP for individual as well as business losses. This is a huge undertaking considering that the explosion effectively closed down most businesses in the surrounding coastal cities, leaving thousands without a means of livelihood and health problems as well as messed up the environment.

But BP had slipped in a clause that they could challenge any claim over $25,000 using what is popularly called baseball arbitration rules. This in reference to the days when baseball players and team managers could each submit a salary proposal to a three-person arbitration panel who will then decide which proposal will be accepted. According to the Williams Kherkher resource website, BP has successfully challenged more than three-fourths of the claims using this option.

When a claimant receives a notice of appeal from BP, the wheels are set in motion for the denial of a claim altogether. BP is counting on the fact that a majority of claimants will have only the vaguest ideas of how to maneuver in legal waters, and hope that the tight deadlines of the claim appeals process would get them off cleanly. In some instances, claimants failed to respond with a counter-proposal in due time and ended up with no compensation at all.

This is why it is important for claimants to be informed, but it is undeniably difficult for a layperson to understand the law. In lieu of personal understanding, claimants are advised to consult with experienced BP claim appeals lawyers as soon as they receive a notice of appeal.

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